Healthy Habits: Kickstart Your Monday with This Routine

Heading into the weekend? Here's some tips to start next week off right! The Mondaze happens to the best of us. More often than not, a new week rolls around and so does the unfortunate grogginess. Whether you’re feeling unmotivated, overwhelmed, or just can’t keep your eyes open before that third cup of coffee, here are some game-changing tips to incorporate into your own Monday morning routine.

1) Water… ASAP   Sleep is amazing, but going without liquids for 6+ hours (here’s hoping) isn’t. Grab a cool glass of water, throw in a wedge of lemon if you’re feeling fancy (citric acid clears out toxins and aids digestion). Hydrate your body before anything else – especially the coffee, tea, or matcha. Feeling a little more awake?


2) Stretch It Real Good  Waking up takes time. Carve out at least two minutes to realign post-slumber with some stretches. Arching your back and reaching for your toes promotes blood circulation, helping you ease back into the morning hustle. Here are some of our favorite stretches.


3) Affirmations    Set the mood. Starting the week on a positive note will do wonders for your physical and mental health. Repeat a line that affirms your personal qualities or beliefs at least three times. Say it outloud, whisper it to a furry friend, write it in a journal. You got this!


4) Get the Run-Down    Mornings are you-time, so educate yourself! Take in a news article on a topic of your choice, we love these quick blurbs by The Daily Skimm. Reading improves concentration and brightens up those tired eyes. Plus, it’s not even 8 a.m. and you’ve learned something.


Mondays. You can beat them!

Try it - Social Media Cleansing

Try it - Social Media Cleansing