Want to step up your instagram game? Create a flawless feed with the below tips.

Make a plan

Decide what you want your feed to be about. Pick themes you like or a specific signature style to stick to and keep your feed consistent, don't get hung up on trends. Choose quality over quantity and create engaging posts that are athestically pleasing and relevant to your target demographic.

Create Beautiful Content

Use The Grid Feature to help position the camera and create pleasing compositions. Our eyes love symmetry, so try to create a balance between elements in the photo.

Look for natural lines- they give the picture direction and naturally draw your viewers eyes along the photo. Diagonal lines create a sense of movement

Keep your scene simple and pick one focal point where you want the viewers eye to focus. Look for strong colors, lines & shapes, contrast between these helps outline focal points.


Utilize Photograph editing apps

Free apps VSCO and snapseed are two popular and user-friendly options that allow you to adjust and edit elements such as contrast, colors, perspective and add filters. Try not to over-edit as this can create distorted and unnatural images.

Rookie, offers advanced functions, including shutter speed and white balance controls, which can keep colors accurate in your photos, or try iphone app, Camera+, which offers a stabilizer to combat shaky hands and keep pictures sharp


Practice makes perfect

Take a lot of photos - It’s rare to get a picture just right on the first try, so take multiple snaps of whatever you’re trying to capture, you’ll quickly notice that one or two are already better than the rest. Look for angles, elements you like and keep them in mind for future photography


Drive the conversation with creative captions

Encourage engagement with questions and tags. Use popular hashtags  and be sure to geotag photos to help other users discover you

Some feeds we love @mzskin + @dybrkr


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