• "Dina is a consummate professional and it has been a truly wonderful experience working with her and the 3d team. We are thrilled by both the amount and quality of press 3d has secured for us. We couldn’t be happier!" 
    — Daniel  Broukhim, CEO and Co-Founder, FabFitFun
  • "3d PR & Marketing has been an instrumental part of the growth of my business. They are an enthusiastic and eager team, who I whole-heartedly trust to represent my brand. It is extremely important to me that the people who represent us are an extension of the personal qualities I hold in high regard. The synergy that 3d brings to our small, but growing family is unquantifiable."  
    — Gina von Schack, Owner, Gina Made It
  • "Dina and the entire 3d team are truly like a family and have genuinely made me feel like one of their own. Since the start of my partnership with 3d, my company has certainly flourished and is only growing from here. Thank you 3d! Love you guys!"
    — Urbana Chappa, Designer, Urbana
  • "Our in-house events would not be same were it not for Dina and her amazing team at 3d. The sheer volume of press they are able to secure is incomparable. Thank you 3d for making our events the success stories that they are. Couldn’t have done it without you guys!"
    — Possch Team
  • "My experience with 3d PR has been exactly what I had hoped when signing on with them. Everyone is available to me 24/7. In the short time we have worked together 3d PR has gotten my company editorials as well as TV appearances and their list of celebrities is endless. 3d PR is preparing me to take my company to the next level.  I can not wait to see what the next few months brings us!" 
    — Lori Girlman, Owner, Love2design
  • "Our brand is geared towards a very specific demographic and even with that small hurdle, 3d jumps leaps and bounds to get us the exact type of press coverage our company requires in order to thrive. We truly appreciate the work you guys do for us and for that, thank you!"
    — MetroClick Team, MetroClick
  • "3d has been with us from the very beginning and we are so fortunate to have them be a part of our team. We set goals for ourselves from the start and 3d helped us reached those goals in record time. 3d is the best at what they do!"
    — HISY Team
  • "Thank you 3d for the amazing coverage and all that you have done for us! We are so blessed to have worked with you and thank you for all the success you have brought to our company. Dina’s the best!"
    — Marci Star, Owner, Starlooks
  • "Not only does 3d secure great press, they really know how to make an event something to talk about. 3d helped us plan an amazingly successful event from start to finish and we know it would not have been the same without Dina and her team!"
    — Generation Philantrophy Board
  • "Thank you 3d for all that you’ve done for us. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate all of the time and effort you guys put into getting us the great coverage we’ve gotten. You made promises and you delivered!"
    — Theodore Leaf, Owner, Bored With Your Hair
  • "The amount of airtime Dina and the 3d team have secured for me is unbeatable. 3d knows exactly how to cater to each and every client’s needs and I am no exception. They are a focused and driven group who can guarantee results! Thank you so much 3d!" 
    — Keep America, Owner
  • "3d has been a blast to work with. They’ve supported Daybreaker’s global expansion with a consistent stream of positive buzz and press attention, and we’re grateful for their contributions to the Daybreaker movement as it grows. Onward and upward!”
    — Matthew Brimer, Co-Founder, Daybreaker
  • "If your brand requires IMMEDIATE, MEANINGFUL RESULTS, 3D Publicity will deliver.  My unique beauty environment here in NYC needed immediate attention from the presss.... and we GOT it.  This wonderful group provides the answers we need.  THANK YOU 3D"
    — Beth Minardi,  Studio B Hair, NYC
  • Working with 3D PR has been an amazing experience. The team is dialed in throughout town with deep relationships that have been intricate in building our restaurant brand. 3D PR operates with the intimate customer service that a client deserves, while yielding the promotional reach of a major organization. We couldn't be happier!
    — Sean Krajewski, the Chicken or the Egg





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