Healthy Habits: Kickstart Your Monday with This Routine

Heading into the weekend? Here's some tips to start next week off right! The Mondaze happens to the best of us. More often than not, a new week rolls around and so does the unfortunate grogginess. Whether you’re feeling unmotivated, overwhelmed, or just can’t keep your eyes open before that third cup of coffee, here are some game-changing tips to incorporate into your own Monday morning routine.

1) Water… ASAP   Sleep is amazing, but going without liquids for 6+ hours (here’s hoping) isn’t. Grab a cool glass of water, throw in a wedge of lemon if you’re feeling fancy (citric acid clears out toxins and aids digestion). Hydrate your body before anything else – especially the coffee, tea, or matcha. Feeling a little more awake?


2) Stretch It Real Good  Waking up takes time. Carve out at least two minutes to realign post-slumber with some stretches. Arching your back and reaching for your toes promotes blood circulation, helping you ease back into the morning hustle. Here are some of our favorite stretches.


3) Affirmations    Set the mood. Starting the week on a positive note will do wonders for your physical and mental health. Repeat a line that affirms your personal qualities or beliefs at least three times. Say it outloud, whisper it to a furry friend, write it in a journal. You got this!


4) Get the Run-Down    Mornings are you-time, so educate yourself! Take in a news article on a topic of your choice, we love these quick blurbs by The Daily Skimm. Reading improves concentration and brightens up those tired eyes. Plus, it’s not even 8 a.m. and you’ve learned something.


Mondays. You can beat them!


Emotional Tank.jpg

2017 was a rough year for many, leaving countless emotional tanks on empty. Try implementing these three tips into your daily routine to start filling that tank back up in 2018!


In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to lose sight of the positive aspects of our lives. For many around the world, conveniences that we take for granted, such as running water and electricity, are luxuries or pipe dreams. Keep things in perspective, and kick-start each day with a jolt of positive energy by taking a moment to think of something that you’re thankful for, be it big or small (even if it isn’t Thanksgiving!).


Doing kind things for others is incredibly rewarding, both spiritually and emotionally. To maintain that emotional high year-round, try to find a way to help those around you daily. Whether it’s indirect, such as throwing away a piece of trash you found on the floor to make the cleaning person’s life easier, or direct, such as helping someone carry their groceries, a small act can make a huge, positive impact on both the lives of others, and your own.


We’re living in the middle of a 24/7 news cycle that’s frequently focused on emphasizing the worst aspects of our world. When our homepages and TV screens are constantly polluted with negative news, it’s easy to find ourselves becoming filled with similarly negative thoughts. To counterbalance this, make a conscious effort to sprinkle positive news into your day as well. Try adding uplifting websites to your reading rotation, and following social media accounts that share fun and positive content.

If you’re really committed, you can even download GoodKarms, the social media app dedicated to helping enrich its users lives through the sharing of gratitude and positive vibes; it can even help you find people who need a helping hand (or vice versa, if you’re the one in need)!

Mindful Ways To Contribute To Your Community

Looking for simple ways to do your part for your community? Check out Green Entrepreneur and Founder of RUMI X, Melissa Chu's tips below and learn how you can mindfully contribute to a greener, cleaner planet every day. 


1) Stop Junk Mail  Every year 100 million trees are chopped down for junk mail sent to American homes. Contact The Direct Marketing association at to remove your name from mailing lists of their members. Say yes to paperless e-statements to curtail junk mail. Login to your bank and utilities accounts to select "go paper free" and you’ll save trees, water, and emissions, too.

2Recycling is not just for the home  Recycle paper at at the office by having a communal “recycle paper” bin and reuse blank sides of the papers for jotting down notes or diagramming things out. Buy recycled paper products and support the whole cycle.

3) Serviettes, please! Cut the paper napkin out, literally. Paper napkins are not a necessity even if we think they are. One study says that the average American uses six napkins a day—astoundingly, 2,200 a year! Make like the French, and use a proper fabric table napkin when dining at home, which you can wash and reuse again. It also makes us feel a little bit fancier, and would literally save billions of bleached white squares in our overflowing landfills.

4) Buy local when possible  Shopping for food produced closer to home makes sense. We save on the carbon footprint it would take to get it here while supporting our local economy too, and Farmers Markets are a fun place to chill and meet friends.

5) Swap bulbs to LED lights in your home.  LED’s are the most progressive lighting option when considering energy saving. They use one third of the electricity of a regular incandescent bulb and last 10 times longer. They have become the standard and are pretty much available at any convenience store nowadays. No need to hunt around for these super lights anymore.

6Invest in a reusable bottle  Tote your reusable coffee mug or water bottle with pride and skip buying a new one at every lunchtime stop.

7) Reuse and repurpose  Change your mindset and think twice before throwing anything out. Think, “how can this be repurposed?” Google it, Youtube it, and you can basically find any DIY video out there to give new life into whatever you have on hand. There are some pretty nifty life hacks out there to save money.

8) Reusable bags are not just for the market - use them for all shopping!  Sounds obvious, right? Well, in an average year, U.S. households use about 100 billion plastic bags, 99 percent of which are never recycled. The horror!




Want to step up your instagram game? Create a flawless feed with the below tips.

Make a plan

Decide what you want your feed to be about. Pick themes you like or a specific signature style to stick to and keep your feed consistent, don't get hung up on trends. Choose quality over quantity and create engaging posts that are athestically pleasing and relevant to your target demographic.

Create Beautiful Content

Use The Grid Feature to help position the camera and create pleasing compositions. Our eyes love symmetry, so try to create a balance between elements in the photo.

Look for natural lines- they give the picture direction and naturally draw your viewers eyes along the photo. Diagonal lines create a sense of movement

Keep your scene simple and pick one focal point where you want the viewers eye to focus. Look for strong colors, lines & shapes, contrast between these helps outline focal points.


Utilize Photograph editing apps

Free apps VSCO and snapseed are two popular and user-friendly options that allow you to adjust and edit elements such as contrast, colors, perspective and add filters. Try not to over-edit as this can create distorted and unnatural images.

Rookie, offers advanced functions, including shutter speed and white balance controls, which can keep colors accurate in your photos, or try iphone app, Camera+, which offers a stabilizer to combat shaky hands and keep pictures sharp


Practice makes perfect

Take a lot of photos - It’s rare to get a picture just right on the first try, so take multiple snaps of whatever you’re trying to capture, you’ll quickly notice that one or two are already better than the rest. Look for angles, elements you like and keep them in mind for future photography


Drive the conversation with creative captions

Encourage engagement with questions and tags. Use popular hashtags  and be sure to geotag photos to help other users discover you

Some feeds we love @mzskin + @dybrkr




Hey guys, Jackie here!

Today, Friday September 15th, I had the pleasure of taking over the @3dprmarketing Instagram account. As a part of my takeover, I thought I'd give you all a glimpse of the top 10 items in my work bag!

1. Michael Kors Wallet | 2. Urban Decay NAKED2 Palette | 3. Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation (Beige) | 4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pencil (Medium Brown) | 5. Nature Addicts Apple Raspberry Fruit Sticks | 6. MZ Skin Cleanse and Clarify Mask - Dual Action AHA Cleanser and Mask | 7. Covergirl Advanced Radiance Pressed Powder (120 - Natural Beige) | 8. Maybelline New York Lash Sensational | 9. RUMI X - Your Words Shorts | 10. Kiwami Greens Matcha Pack


It may only be September, but it's never too early to plan for what's next! We got the ball rolling on this year's holiday season on Wednesday, August 16, 2017, by once again hosting our exclusive, annual Holiday Lookbook event! This year's collection featured unique goods and services ranging from functional to fabulous, with amazing gift ideas for women, men, and children! In case you missed it, here's a quick recap with our Holiday Lookbook highlights and top picks for this year's hottest Holiday gift items:



  Influencers @cheatdayeats and @cy_eats took to their Instagram stories to share their exciting Southern Wicked Lemonade tasting experience with their followers

Influencers @cheatdayeats and @cy_eats took to their Instagram stories to share their exciting Southern Wicked Lemonade tasting experience with their followers

What's a party without some booze? To kick off this year's Holiday Lookbook, we had the Southern Wicked Lemonade team on-site to offer their array of organic sipping cocktails, featuring moonshine, vodka, and vodka/gin blends. Sweet to the taste and warm to the palette, Southern Wicked Lemonade is "Potent Enough for a Man, But Made for a Woman”!


Happiest t.JPG

Looking for the perfect gift for a friend or family member that likes to travel? Look no further than Happiest Tee! The insanely soft luxury tees from Happiest Tee allow you to celebrate your favorite destinations in both style and comfort. Where's your happy place? (Ours is at the Holiday Lookbook, but we don't think they have one for that... yet!)



RUMI X brings to its colorful clothes a philosophy of wellness, with the entire range of products being made from sustainable sources, such as recycled plastic bottles and coffee grounds, in an effort to reduce waste and pollution. The RUMI X mission to preserve the environment compelled the level to seek out the most advances eco-technology to create the high-quality performance wear that makes up the collection-- the result is breathable, flattering sportswear and everyday apparel that will keep you feeling good this holiday season, without compromising an eco-conscious mindset!


Oxygenetix 2.JPG

Oxygenetix took full advantage of the beautiful makeup counter space at EZ Studios and showcased their breakthrough line of foundations and moisturizers by color-matching lucky attendees! Their unique, light and breathable formula is sure to keep your skin glowing all Holiday Season long!


  Model and Influencer, @alyshagrace (middle), shows off her bag of goodies while posing in-between the power couple behind Cha-cha Chic, Cathy Garcia (left) and   Jim Tiberia (right)

Model and Influencer, @alyshagrace (middle), shows off her bag of goodies while posing in-between the power couple behind Cha-cha Chic, Cathy Garcia (left) and Jim Tiberia (right)

Keep it fun and festive this Holiday Season with zesty clothing and accessories from Cha-Cha ChicTheir latin-inspired tees will help you forget the winter weather and make you feel like you're on a tropical holiday getaway! 



Make sure you don't forget a stocking stuffer for your furry friend! Peluches have an elastic bungee cord that clips right to your dog’s collar so that it never leaves their side. That way they can play with their bouncy BFF, even when they’re all by themselves. (They also make one doggone comfy pillow!) In addition, for every toy purchased, Peluches will spread the holiday cheer by donating one to a homeless shelter dog in need!

That's a WRAP! 🎁 Hope to see you next year!



Have you ever noticed how a certain shade of lipstick can make your eyes pop while another leaves you looking washed out? This effect is due to the cool or warm undertones found in your skin, these are the dominant colors that lie below the skin’s surface. When selecting a foundation it’s important to not only consider skin color but also match these undertones in order to create a flawless finish that gives you a natural looking glow.

Undertones can be Cool (pinkish or bluish), Warm (yellow or golden) or Neutral which is a mix of both. You can have the same skin color as someone, but a different undertone. One easy way to check is to look at the veins on your forearms – blue veins indicate a cool base while greenish veins indicate a warmer yellower base. Another clue can be found in the way skin reacts to the sun – warmer tones tend to tan while cooler skin is prone to burns.

Oxygenetix Colors.jpg

Once you’ve selected a few shades that match your skin color and undertones, test them by dabbing some swatches of foundation on your jawline to find the perfect fit. The correct hue should disappear right into the surrounding skin. Don’t be afraid to mix shades to get the right balance - our skin changes season to season so having a few options to blend is essential for achieving a flawless foundation finish year round.

Choose an oil free foundation with SPF to protect skin from sun damage and avoid blemishes. The Oxygenetix Foundation range is our pick for a long-lasting finish that allows skin to breath.